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Sturgill Engineering, PA



We are an engineering firm providing consulting services to our clients as well as other architectural and engineering firms. We have continuously offered a team with excellent management and engineering capabilities committed to making sure our clients receive the professional services they deserve.

Our Experience

Our extensive experience involves water and wastewater treatment and pumping facilities of various magnitudes along with other projects at commercial, institutional, industrial and municipal facilities.

Specific Specialty Areas

Educational facilities, office buildings, restaurants, retirement communities, banks, supermarkets, churches and retail buildings.


Licensed Professional Engineers

Randall W. Sturgill, PE, John C. Kivett, PE & Ryan W. Lawson, PE


Electrical Engineering Intern

Jeffrey W. Cook, EI


Electrical Designer

Michael S. Leonard


CAD Technician

Randy E. Hinds


Administrative Assistant

Kelly B. Forrest


Secretary / Corporate Officer

Cynthia B. Sturgill


Years of Combined Experience

The Sturgill Engineering, PA Team

Design Team

Let Us Help You

Our design team knows first-hand the importance of promptly completing projects and our unique approach utilizes the experience of our personnel which excel in conducting the tasks required by you the client and customer. Sturgill Engineering consists of a group of individuals that have the knowledge, the expertise, and the experience in performing all levels of engineering services. We are fully committed to exceeding your expectations in project performance.